My day-to-day makeup using Limited-Edition Mary Kay Lash Love Fanorama Máscara

My daily makeup is very classic, I try to wear a look that’s versatile. I don’t spend a lot of time putting my makeup on, so I think the key is to have good quality products.

My day-to-day makeup includes neutral tones. I like pink shades with touches of brown, black outlines, nude or pink lips and, most importantly, a good mascara for eyelashes that highlights my look. I have recently been using the new Limited-Edition Mary Kay Lash Love Fanorama Mascara love this mascara because it delivers four times the volume while looking flawless, soft and healthy. I like that the brush separates my lashes perfectly.

This year I have the opportunity to work with Mary Kay again, and I am very happy about it! Every day I learn more about this inspiring brand which supports so many women. I visited the Mary Kay headquarters in Dallas again a couple of months ago, and wow, it was an amazing experience. I have fallen in love with the brand, its products and its essence.

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