The Perfect Holiday Look with BCBGeneration

I’m so excited for the holidays this year! With the holidays come parties! From work events and family to friend festivities, there are a million excuses to get dressed up. If I’ve learned anything in the past about dressing for the holidays it’s that you need to start shopping early. It seems like a lot of holiday parties are in early December (and I’m not complaining!) so you should start thinking about your wardrobe early to get the best pieces.

I found 3 options that I love On Macy’ from BCBGeneration. A Little Black Dress that works great and I can use in many ways, a wine-colored Dress that I find very feminine and elegant and a beautiful long dress.

Here I left you a few of these tips can get you through Holiday Dress Shopping:

Choose a dress that is your style. Just because it is the holidays doesn’t mean that you HAVE to throw on sparkles and sequins. (By all means, do so if that is your style!) Keep the style of your holiday dresses as close to your usual style. If you want to add a little bit of flare, opt for ruffles or lace.

  1. Make sure you are comfortable. When trying on dresses, remember that you will be walking around and socializing in this dress. (Most likely not hiding it under a coat) You don’t want to be fidgeting and readjusting all night!
  2. Choose a color that compliments your wardrobe. Plan your outfit out in your head and anything missing you can also pick up at Macy’s

    3.   Remember that the accessories are important to give that great touch to your outfit.       My shoes are from BCBGeneration too.

The best part of this recomendation is the price! On Macy’ You can get the best dresses from BCBGeneration during their Friends and Family sale using code FRIEND adoro 30% off!

Photos by Mary Escalona . Sponsored by Macy’s  and

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